Afternoon Stroll 36x36" Oil on canvas


36x36" oil on canvas.  

Pino is a famous contemporary realism artist in the world. His original paintings usually are priced at over $78,000. Afternoon Stroll is one of Pino's classic artworks very well known and popular in US. In the market, there are many kinds of reprints of this painting, either printed on paper directly or printed on a canvas then finished up with added color paints to mimic the oil painting effect. These reprints normally are sold at around $3,200.

As an artist who also learns from Pino, Mona, relying on her solid and fine oil painting skills, successfully 'reproduced' this painting on a real canvas with real oil paints. She also changed the size from the original 30x30" to 36x36". The fame and recognition of Pino and this masterpiece combined with Mona's superb oil painting talent makes this particular painting a must-have artwork lightening your home.

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